Want something vastly different from your typical vacation? Perhaps you're looking for "party" sailing with your friends? Or do you simply want to explore the coast's natural and cultural wealth, as well as relax at the luxury marinas? Do you have any experience with family "team building" on sailboats? The fun begins when the wind hits your sails!



Length of the sea coast:

293 km

Length of natural sandy beaches:

73 km


The winds are dominated by south winds, and in the summer months by the Mistral wind.
The average summer temperature is 27.4 ° C
Average number of sunny days per year: 240

Largest bay:

Bay of Kotor

More information on sailing in Montenegro can be found in the Guide for Small Boats and Sailboats.

The brochure Safety and Security of Navigation, Information for Sailors contains all of the information for sailors, as well as important contact information.

Every vessel's entry and departure from Montenegro's territorial waters is announced on VHF Ch. 16, Maritime Operations Center (VTS Montenegro), which monitors and manages maritime traffic in Montenegrin waters.

The Maritime Operations Center provides all information about the safety and security of navigation in Montenegro's waters.

Quick tip

At the right address, you can get a reliable weather forecast!

The best months for sailing are May and September! Keep track of the most favorable sailing weather conditions on the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology official website, where you can also find nautical and e-navigation charts.

Don’t miss it!

Regattas in Montenegro

There are numerous regattas, or yacht and boat races, to choose from, including the Arsenal Cup, Fascination Cup, PMYC regatta, Race of a Thousand Islands, and others.

Where should you go sailing in Montenegro?

You can sail the Montenegrin coast in a week, but you can spend the same amount of time cruising the Bay of Kotor! Allow the breeze of the Mediterranean to carry you away and guide you! Where do you begin? Montenegro's Adriatic coast is divided into two sections: the Bay of Kotor (which includes Tivat, Kotor, and Herceg Novi) and the coasts of Budva, Bar, and Ulcinj.

There are marinas with essential services in five cities: Tivat (Porto Montenegro, Kalimanj), Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi and Bar. Attractive mooring locations are: Trašte Bay, Kruče Bay, Oblatno, Maljevik, Bigova, Sveti Marko Island and others.

Sailing Zabiyako Peras

What are the most important documents you must have?

Bring your passport and identification card (ID card) with you. Furthermore, you must have the navigation permits that the maritime police may request, especially if you are coming with your own vessel. If you want to stop in ports, islands, or cities where you can rent a car or a motorcycle, you'll need an international driver's license. It is also helpful to have health and travel insurance.

Tivat - a city with one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean

Perhaps, like many celebrities, you will make Porto Montenegro your second home. What distinguishes one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports? The secret is a fantastic natural location combined with world-class environment and services!

Its luxury hotels and seaside villas, restaurants serving traditional cuisine, bars, and a wide range of sports and cultural activities will charm you.

Sailing Herceg Novi

Sailors' favorite destination - Boka Kotorska

Kotor remains a popular sailing destination for good reason, as sailing through the Bay of Kotor is full of surprises.

The bay appears small at first, but then it expands into four bays with many coves formed by mountains soaring  more than a thousand meters! Impressive enough?

Admiration and awe grow in width and height with the constant change of course. Along the Bokelj coast, the natural wall protects small fishing villages and towns. It is also a picture frame for two islands in front of the famous city of Perast.

Sailing Petrovic Montenegro

The Adriatic preserves the enchanting medieval town of Kotor for you

Kotor, one of the best preserved medieval towns on the Adriatic, is nestled in the southeast of Boka Bay, where the sea reaches more deeply into the mainland than it does around other cities.

Throughout the year, cruisers arrive at this tourist meeting point, in the port right next to the Adriatic Highway. Discover the wonders of Kotor for yourself.

Sailing Bar Montenegro

Herceg Novi, the city of artists, will be your favorite host!

Herceg Novi will captivate you with its light and peace, medieval fortresses, and numerous picnic areas, all tucked away in greenery and flowers. Can you imagine all of its beauty of hidden swimming bays and small romantic harbors in the area, spectacular diving spots, the intriguing Mamula Island, charming stone houses in old mountain villages, and traditional flower festivals?

But don't even try to imagine much; instead, come and experience Herceg Novi for yourself! You will learn about the world-class marina D-Marin Portonovi, which has 238 berths and can accommodate yachts and superyachts up to 120 meters in length.

Sailing Montenegro

Budva as a synonym for coastal beauty and entertainment

You will fall in love with the city of Kadmo and Harmony, not only as a fan of day parties on the beach, but also as a fan of "until dawn" nightlife in bars and discos.

Budva Riviera has a wide range of sandy beaches where visitors of all ages can participate in water, air, and land sports. You'll have no trouble finding your favorite restaurant because the best traditional and international cuisine restaurants will satisfy even the most sophisticated palette. There is a wide range of hotels and apartments available.

Sailing Petrovic Montenegro

Traditionally a port city - Bar

Did you know that this is Montenegro's largest port? Port Bar is a well-known, spacious, and clean port city with a lovely promenade. Discover its beaches one by one while relaxing in the shade of pine and olive trees.

Stari Bar is an archeological treasure trove through which you should not rush. Take the chance to see relics of times past, as you experience the evolution of civilizations over thousands of years. You should also visit the other Bar shore, which runs along Skadar Lake!

Sailing Bar Montenegro

The Oriental spirit of Ulcinj

Another old town full of pirate secrets awaits you here! Feel the oriental spirit that gives the city its unique charm, as well as the natural attractions such as healing beaches, the river Bojana -  which gives birth to the nudist island "Ada Bojana" - with its delta, Šasko Lake, Valdanos Bay, and birds on Solana. But wait, there's more!

The Mistral wind on Velika Beach (Long Beach) attracts kitesurfers, and fish restaurants on Bojana, along with the sunset, are must-sees in Montenegro. Convinced Montenegro is the perfect sailing destination? We hope to see you sailing around Montenegro very soon!

Sailing Montenegro

Discover unique Montenegro

So small you could drive across it in an afternoon. Don’t just skim through it but try to truly absorb it’s essence.

Explore destination year-round

Although small country it is incredibly diverse. See how much it can offer you:

Travel responsibly

Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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