Sport climbing

Enjoy sport climbing, anywhere - high in the mountains, by the sea, near springs and rivers, or deep in the pine forest? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, the stunning beauty, formidable challenges, and multidimensional nature of climbing in Montenegro might be the perfect fit for you!



Sports climbing areas:

- Municipality of Bar

  1. The old town of Bar, 21 routes, grades from 5 to 8b, length 12-20 m
  2. Menke, 9 routes, grades 5 to 6b, length up to 17 m

- Municipality of Budva

Brajići, 6 routes, grades from 4 to 6c +, length up to 12 m

- Municipality of Kotor

  1. Škaljari, 40 routes, grades from 4+ to 8b +, length from 20 to 45 m
  2. Dobrota, 6 routes, grades 4 to 5
  3. Špiljari, 5 routes, grade from 5 to 7b +, up to 30 m

- Municipality of Tivat

  1. Tivat, 11 routes, grades 5 to 7b, 10 to 20 m long

- Municipality of Herceg Novi

  1. Zvrnda, 7 routes, from 100 to 120 m, grades from 4+ to 7+

- Municipality of Tuzi

  1. Tubular, 37 routes, grades 4 to 8c, up to 33 m long

- Municipality of Podgorica

  1. Smokovac, 86 routes, grades from V to X +, from 10 to 32 m
  2. Ljubović, 4 routes, from IV to VI-, up to 9 m
  3. Titograd, 10 routes, grades from 6a to 7b, up to 20 m
  4. drOlja, 6 routes, from V to VII-, up to 30m
  5. Kula, 7 routes from V to VI +, up to 20 m
  6. Wonderwall, 14 routes, grade from 6c to 8b, up to 35 m

- Municipality of Nikšić

  1. Povija, 14 routes, grades from V + to VIII +, up to 20 m long

- Municipality of Kolašin

  1. Biočinovići, 31 routes, grades from 4 to 7c, up to 30 m
  2. Zekova Glava, 13 routes, from IV + to VII

- Municipality of Mojkovac

  1. Dobrilovina, 35 routes

- Municipality of Žabljak

  1. Pirlitor, 25 routes, grades 3a to 7b, 10 to 25 m long
  2. Lojanik, 3 routes, grades from 4+ to 5+, length from 165 to 310 m
  3. Zubci, 4 routes, grades 6+ to 8-, length 80 to 100 m
  4. Milošev tok, 1 route, grades 6+, 330 m long

- Municipality of Šavnik

  1. Pošćenje 6 routes, grades 6 to 7+
  2. Komarnica 1 route, 240 m, grades 8

- Municipality of Plužine

61 routes, grades II to XII, length 10 to 80 m

- Municipality of Berane 31 route

- Municipality of Gusinje 60 routes

Don’t miss it!

Find out more about the climbing areas in Kolašin, Mojkovac and Berane

More information can be found in the brochure of the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi, and Prokletije.

Plužine's attractive climbing area "Piva"

Find a rock above Piva Lake 2 kilometers from Plužine. Climbing routes have been designed and installed for your personalized adrenaline rush, and are divided into two zones (difficulty from II to XII).

Choose one of the 61 climbing routes. They are different lengths, so they are appropriate for both beginners and more experienced climbers. More difficult routes can be up to 80 meters long. More information can be found on the Piva Nature Park website.

Free climbing Piva Lake Montenegro

Attractive bolted routes in the Ibar River Canyon - Rožaje

Test your skills and abilities on six bolted routes in the canyon of the river Ibar (difficulty VI to VIII), just a few kilometers from Rožaje and heading towards Novi Pazar.

The rock is right next to the river, behind the third tunnel on the highway that leads from the city to the north, giving your adventure a dash of extremity as well as unique beauty. Access can be difficult because the directions are below the road line. This spot is safest to reach with a rope.

Don’t miss it!

Do you want to improve your climbing skills?

Try a professional sport climbing course in Podgorica or Nikšić!

Climbing courses

The climbing center in Podgorica provides training for both new and experienced climbers, as well as "big" and "small" climbers! Come have some fun and try your hand at climbing on an artificial rock! A sport climbing course with a professional instructor is available here as well. Quality climbing training can also be found in Nikšić.

Plav and Gusinje - Prokletije's Fairytale

Prokletije has over 100 marked climbing routes! A dozen short routes are designed for beginners and recreational climbers, while more than half of the routes are extremely difficult and can only be used by professionals.

The climbing season lasts from April to October, or until November if the weather permits. The majority of the routes, up to 65 in total, are located near the well-known resort of Ali Pasha's springs.

Discover unique Montenegro

So small you could drive across it in an afternoon. Don’t just skim through it but try to truly absorb it’s essence.

Explore destination year-round

Although small country it is incredibly diverse. See how much it can offer you:

Travel responsibly

Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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