Grlja Canyon

Arm yourself with courage! Reserved only for the most prepared, this adventure dares you to master waterfalls, natural cauldrons, pools, and water currents - only to be surmounted with essential hiking equipment!


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Dužina kanjona: 500 m

Dubina kanjona: 50 m

Širina kanjona: od 2 m do 7 m

Visinska razlika od ulaza do izlaza iz kanjona: 65 m

Trajanje prolaska kroz kanjon: oko 5 sati

Montenegrins tell

The story of entering the underworld!

People living nearby have avoided the entrance to the canyon. This is exactly how people imagined the "gate of hell."

Do you have the guts to enter the "gate of hell?” A perfect stunt! Note the most important conditions for passing through the canyon!

The best time to visit is in early autumn, when the water level is at its lowest. The passage through the canyon requires the use of adequate equipment, remarkable preparation, and experience due to the tough, specific, and unpredictable terrain.

Low water temperature, three times lower air temperature outside, and the time required for passage make for an extreme challenge! It will be a real accomplishment for you to overcome the verticals of canyons, slippery rocks, and narrow passageways. Descending into the shadows of the canyon requires a working lamp or torch at several points, as light does not reach particular places.

The unbridled terrain of Grlja Canyon

When you get to the canyon, it will not welcome you! It's as if she's trying to hide her defiant beauty, that treasure that no one can take away from her!

Thus, at the canyon's entrance, you'll be greeted with a 15-meter-high waterfall that cascades into a large stew pot-like natural formation, with a 4-meter-deep natural pool at the bottom. By diving into the pool, you can get around the waterfall. However, it is recommended that you first descend the climbing rope! A five-part series of waterfalls connect pools and siphon narrowings of various shapes and forms.

Unfortunately, there are few who manage to photograph this adventure, due to the very demanding terrain. However, the stunning images will forever remain in your memory!

Quick tip

Follow the advice of the Mountain Rescue Service of Montenegro and get informed in time! Contact for emergencies: 112 

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So small you could drive across it in an afternoon. Don’t just skim through it but try to truly absorb it’s essence.

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Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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