The most popular museums

Consider yourself an art lover? There's the Art Museum for you! If you enjoy culture and tradition, explore the Ethnographic Museum! If you're a history buff, the History Museum is calling your name. If you're interested in money (and who isn't?) then head over and toss a coin to visit the Museum of Money! And how cool is the Donkey Museum? Let's find out.

Quick tip

Herceg Novi Treasure

If you're near Herceg Novi, don't miss the unique City Museum, which features one of the most beautiful views of the bay, a small botanical garden, and a fantastic collection of antiquities.

Don’t miss it!

Want to see something you won’t find anywhere else?

Then, in Biljarda, marvel at how Austro-Hungarian military engineers, with jeweler's precision, created a large-scale map of Montenegro  (1:10.000).

Would you rather craft money or swing a sword?

The famous town of Prčanj has a museum that you must see: the Museum of Living History, which transports you back to medieval times!

Want to know how life used to be? Great. Step into a world dominated by knights and try on their armor, hold a sword, shoot from a bow, print your first books, and craft money by hand, as Kotor metalworkers used to do.

All of this takes place in an austere, mystical medieval monastery, where you will have the feeling that, at any moment, a monk from centuries past will rush past you, preoccupied with his work and thoughts.

Museum of living history Prčanj

Budva Necropolis's Secrets

Are you curious about what the tombs of Roman and Greek Budva hide, which were discovered by chance in front of the Old Town? Then journey to the Old Town, and search for the answers in the Museum of the City of Budva. A fantastic collection of clay pots, lamps, gold jewelry, playsets, and weapons, including a 5th century BC Greek-Illyrian helmet.

Ask yourself how they survived all those dangerous wars, earthquakes, and changes while buried underground for nearly 2,000 years! They were discovered in one piece, with no cracks. What was the significance of all these objects in the afterlife?

A Roman mosaic that decorated the floor of Roman villas during ancient Budva's development can be found in the lapidary of the Museum of the City of Budva. And if this mosaic piques your interest, make your way to Risan, because a real find awaits you there: a mosaic with an unusually rare representation of the dream god Hypnos, which was supposed to provide the owner of the palace with peaceful sleep. Was he successful? It's up to you to figure it out.

Rimski mozaik Risan

Tivat: Submarine Hero and people the heroes

Can you imagine what it's like to live and work in the metal interior of a submarine? Stop fantasizing, because in Tivat you can visit one of the few submarines of this size (50 m) in the world! The submarine Hero, built in 1968, attests to the country's military might.

Put yourself in the shoes of volunteers who sailed in a submarine and try to imagine what their daily life was like in a cramped space with beds placed between machines, no amenities, no showers, and no dining table. It was designed for war but ending up being used in peacetime.

Museum submarine Hero

Who are the Boka Sea Wolves? Explore the Maritime Museum!

Curious to learn more about the lives of the people of Bay of Kotor (Boka), both then and now? Then understand that people were, and continue to be, attached to the sea, as the sea meant everything to them: access to, trade, contact with others, the world, and even life itself. And what will better evoke the long maritime tradition of this region than the Maritime Museum? It will show you how the captains lived in their cabins, what ships they sailed on and what equipment they used, and what enemies and challenges they faced on their voyages. You'll learn about the weapons they carried and how they evolved over time.

Maritime museum Kotor

Did you know that Kotor is a city of cats?

When you arrive in Kotor, you will notice that it is a city of cats. In addition to proudly walking around the city, in addition to souvenir shops, they also got their own corner in the city - the Cats Museum. Did you know that Europe only has one other museum of this kind? Find old postcards, postage stamps, and books with cats in them to see how far back the obsession with these capricious, lovable creatures goes.

Cat museum Kotor

Follow in the footsteps of cave people

Come to Nikšić if you want to know when Montenegro's territory was first inhabited. The Crvena Stijena archaeological site near Nikšić preserves the secrets of the people who lived there 180,000 years ago.

The Homeland Museum is a place where you can spend hours marveling at stone, bone and ceramic tools; extinct animal bones; and rare Illyrian warrior equipment!

In addition to the prehistoric collection, the ethnographic, historical, cultural-historical, and labor movement and national liberation fight collections are housed in the same building. Where will you be able to find this museum? In the construction of King Nikola's castle from 1890!

Muzej u Nikšiću

Donkey paradise on a Danilovgrad Farm

Montenegro has its own museum dedicated to donkeys! On the farm in Danilovgrad, you can see the tools that were used when donkeys were the primary allies for field work. Browse through plows, carts, and saddles from that time.

Donkeys in this area have their own names, family ties, and personalities. Contribute to this vital population by petting the donkeys and bringing them a kilo of carrots or apples, which is what you need for your ticket to the farm. This isn't a joke! We dare you to check it out!

Donkey museum Danilovgrad

Where else to go?

We are aware that there are many wonderful museums and a limited amount of time during your trip. However, we recommend two museums in Podgorica: the Museum of the People's Hero and Writer Marko Miljanov, who only became literate in his fifties; and the Nature Museum, where you can learn about Montenegro's biodiversity. In the north, in Berane, don’t miss the Polimski Museum, which is the most representative museum in the northern part of Montenegro, among many others.

Polimski muzej Berane

Discover unique Montenegro

So small you could drive across it in an afternoon. Don’t just skim through it but try to truly absorb it’s essence.

Explore destination year-round

Although small country it is incredibly diverse. See how much it can offer you:

Travel responsibly

Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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