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Quick overview


Tourism Organization of Budva was formed on July 12, 2004. years, after the adoption of the Law on Tourist Organizations.

It operates on the principle of achieving public interest in the field of tourism without making a direct profit.

The tasks of the Organization are:

  1. Promotion and promotion of the original values of the municipality for which it was established;
  2. Creation of conditions for activation of resources in the territory of the municipality;
  3. co-operation with legal entities, entities, associations and non-governmental organizations that have tourism and catering or complementary activities for the purpose of business, with the aim of agreeing, establishing and implementing tourism development policy and improving the tourist stay conditions in the municipality;
  4. Development of tourist propaganda and other information material;
  5. Encouraging, coordinating and organizing cultural, artistic, entertainment, economic, sports and other events that contribute to the enrichment of the tourist offer;
  6. Provision of information to guests about available accommodation capacities in primary and complementary catering establishments, catering establishments providing food and beverage preparation and serving services and private accommodation capacities, cultural events, events and other service information on tourist services in the municipality;
  7. Providing information on the working hours of health institutions, banks, post offices, shops and other information necessary for the stay of tourists;
  8. mediating and providing assistance in booking and providing information on accommodation facilities if there is no registered tourist agency in the tourist site for which the tourist organization is established;
  9. Submission of registration and cancellation of residence in accordance with the law;
  10. Encouraging the activation of areas of the municipality which are not or are not sufficiently involved in tourist traffic;
  11. Encouraging and organizing actions aimed at the protection and preservation of the tourist space, environment and cultural heritage;
  12. Realization of the program of activities of study groups and journalists in the territory of their activity;
  13. Keeping records for the purpose of controlling and using accommodation units in condominiums and cottages, in cooperation with the competent local government bodies and producing reports, which are submitted to the line Ministry at least every two months;
  14. Organizing tourist information bureaus in places deemed necessary;
  15. Collecting and processing data (daily, weekly and monthly) on tourist traffic and their structure in the territory of the Municipality, as well as drafting a monthly report on tourist traffic for the needs of the competent local government authority, the competent authority for statistics and the National Tourism Organization;
  16. Keeping records on collection of tourist tax, excursion and tourist tax and membership fee, in cooperation with the competent body of local government;
  17. Assessment of unreported tourist traffic at the municipal level in accordance with the methodology prescribed by the line Ministry in cooperation with the competent local government authority;
  18. Cooperation with the competent authorities of the Municipality in order to adopt and implement local measures to improve the conditions of stay of tourists on the territory of the Municipality;
  19. Cooperation with local associations and non-governmental organizations in the field of tourism and catering and their complementary activities;
  20. Cooperation with other organizations in Montenegro;
  21. Conducting surveys and other surveys in order to determine the quality of tourism product in the municipality;
  22. Preparation of reports and information for the needs of the National Tourism Organization;
  23. Submission of an annual plan for tourism promotion and development for review and approval to the National Tourism Organization;
  24. Performing other activities in order to promote the tourism product on the territory of the municipality;
  25. Cooperation with the same or similar organizations outside Montenegro. "

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