Watch the new promotional video entitled “Nature & Me” and the micro-website

The National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro has released a new destination video as part of a campaign entitled “Nature & Me”.

The video aims to promote Montenegro in the national, regional and international markets with a view to maintaining and improving the image of the destination, encouraging tourists to visit the country in 2020/21 and facilitating the recovery of tourism from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main communication goals of the campaign include greater presence of the “Montenegro – Wild Beauty” brand in source markets through offline and online communication channels, enhancing competitiveness and attracting prospective visitors. The campaign also aims to strengthen the image of Montenegro as a safe destination and one that has a diversified offer for each visitor along with standardised product quality.

The video showcases Montenegro’s integral tourism product, as well as the diversity and contrast of the destination. Combining authentic faces and characters with magnificent architecture and landscape, it points to the thin line between nature and people. Additionally, through a strong emotional appeal, it sends the message that people in Montenegro are caring, warm, and above all good hosts. Thanks to abundant and unspoiled nature and diverse offerings, tourists can spend a quality holiday in Montenegro, feeling safe and peaceful, away from the crowds and at a social distance from others.

The creator of the concept and the entire “Nature & Me” campaign is Bojan Joksimović, one of the most renowned experts in the region and Central Europe, with over thirty years of experience in communications, marketing and branding. He is the author of several award-winning tourism campaigns in Montenegro.

The video was directed by Ivan Marinović from Herceg Novi, who is one of the most successful Montenegrin directors of the younger generation. “Given that Montenegro offers a handful of motives and elements that can and deserve to be featured, it was a great challenge for me to select and set motives so as to evoke feelings and avoid pathos. I think we managed to build a strong and pure emotion by meeting with people, as well as create quality material through the movement of the camera and subtle directorial solutions,“ Marinović pointed out.

The production task was entrusted to Ivan Đurović of Articulation Film, a Podgorica-based production company. “Montenegro is very inspiring for all types of filming and I am particularly happy when we get to shoot ads for our tourism. We tried to combine the so-called landmark locations in Montenegro (Sveti Stefan, Boka Kotorska, Durmitor, Lake Skadar, Đurđevića Tara, Velika plaža in Ulcinj, etc.) with less exploited but no less exciting and colourful locations that have not been featured in previous promotional NTO videos. We chose authentic characters, as the casting task focused on protagonists who are typical of this area in order to showcase the warmth of our people and the climate,” said Đurović.

Among the protagonists of the video is Draško Brguljan, the captain of the national water polo team of Montenegro.

The film crew included staff from Montenegro, as well as top professionals from the region, such as executive producer Igor Mitrić, set designer Dragana Baćović, costume designer Andrea Samardzić, composer Nemanja Mosurović, director of photography Dominik Istenić, editor Nikola Purić, colour correction Jure Teržan, make-up artist Bojana Koji and Branimir Popović as a voice-over.

In support of the “Nature & Me” campaign, the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro has launched a specialised, intuitive, visually uniform microsite ( for all nature and outdoor enthusiasts. The site allows visitors to access information easily and quickly, explore destinations and, depending on their wishes and interests, create personalised travel itineraries for free. The website was made in collaboration with the Creative Web team.

The destination video and the micro website will be available in ten languages, in line with the target markets and promotional strategies employed by online channels.

You can watch the new promotional video entitled “Nature & Me” at

Video material and statements can be downloaded from

The video is available at:

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Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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