Most popular Russian TV channel releases a feature on our country: Montenegro is “the colourful mountain”

One of the most popular Russian music channels, Muz TV, showcased Montenegro in its travel show entitled ‘Vacation without travel’, enabling its viewers to get acquainted with the tourism product of our country. The show premiered on 21 November, with three more broadcasts being planned by the end of the year, as well as five for next year. Each show is expected to attract over 500,000 views.

The author of the show, well-known Russian host and influencer Andrey Razigraev – who visits destinations around the world to explore interesting stories by locals and share experiences – believes that Montenegro is a destination suitable for everyone’s budget. He particularly gives prominence to the people living in Montenegro, who he considers the greatest treasure of our country.

If you rent an apartment, you can enjoy the beauty of nature on your own and visit other places by public transport. Guests arriving by yacht have a large selection of restaurants, yacht clubs, night clubs and other facilities that can complement their vacation. Montenegro is suitable for young people, but also for older ones, who find it relaxing. The variety of foods and tastes is amazing: from fish and seafood, river and lake fish, porridge, bread, cheese, to the well-known Njeguši prosciutto and lamb from the mountains.

Razigraev has already visited Montenegro twice during the pandemic and reckons it would be nice to spend Christmas holidays in our country as well. When he first visited Montenegro for a holiday in August, he was impressed by the scenery and hospitality. After returning from his holiday, Razigraev assembled a team and decided to return with a mission to “get to know this small but extremely beautiful country even better and show others what he had previously experienced.”

While touring Montenegro and filming for the show in Kotor, the crew ran into a couple from Russia. Asked how they ended up in Kotor, the couple answered that they had originally come on holiday, but they liked it so much that they decided to move permanently.

Montenegro is one of the few countries that don’t require Russian nationals to have a visa to enter its territory. That’s very important, especially when it comes to holiday planning. The similar language, high level of safety and pricing policy are the advantages that certainly attract Russian travellers.

At the end of this visit, the crew agreed that Montenegro should be called “the colourful mountain” (Разно Цвето Гория), because it is painted in all sorts of colours and shades – from turquoise on the coast, through green dominating Lake Skadar, to brown-orange in the north.”

The National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro and the Local Tourism Organisation of Tivat, with the support of the hotels Regent Porto Montenegro and The Chedi Luštica Bay, organised the study tour for Muz-TV crew between 21 and 26 October. Porto Montenegro and Luštica Bay also provided support to hosting this important visit.

The TV show ‘Vacation without travel’ is one of the most popular shows for the young and middle-aged generation. The five-member crew filmed in Tivat, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Budva, Cetinje, Danilovgrad, Plužine and Žabljak.

Watch the full show at:

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Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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