Globally popular ‘The Nomad’ show being filmed in Montenegro

One of the globally most popular series ‘The Nomad’, produced by famous Canadian photographer and author Ryan Pyle, is being filmed in Montenegro between 5 and 15 November this year, under the auspices of the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro.

The series explores places, cuisine, local customs and people. After Heidelberg in Germany, La Valletta in Malta and Dubrovnik in Croatia, the author opted for Montenegro as his next destination to be featured in the series. The episode entitled ‘The Nomad - the Boka Bay’ is being filmed in the area of the Bay of Boka, as per the author’s wish, with a focus on the town of Kotor.

In line with the concept of the show, the destination will be presented to an audience of millions through interviews with the local population, while topics to be covered include history, culture, cuisine, personal experiences and professions.

“With its diverse natural beauty, Montenegro is becoming increasingly popular among travellers around the world, but less is known about its rich history and authentic stories to be shared by the locals. At Rayan Pyle Production, we are excited to bring these stories to life and explore all that Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor have to offer,” said Pyle.

During the filming, the TV crew will have the opportunity to try their hand at preparing traditional Montenegrin dishes, visit the Kotor market, olive groves and several rural households, as well as to learn about craft beer production, the tradition of making wooden boats, recreation possibilities and adventure holidays in nature.

‘The Nomad’ series is aired through Amazon Prime, one of the two biggest global streaming platforms with over 150 million users. The episode ‘The Nomad-Boka Bay’ will be released on Amazon Prime in the US, UK and Germany.

In addition, the episode will be available on Ryan Pyle’s YouTube channel, as well as on his social media profiles boasting an impressive number of followers: 450,000 on Facebook, 90,000 on Instagram and about 1 million on Weibo, China’s most influential social media platform. A special kind of promotion is the daily sharing of impressions with followers on social media during the filming in Montenegro.

The 46-minute episode ‘The Nomad – Boka Bay’ will premiere in 2021. Given the expected outreach of the series through TV and digital channels, it is estimated that this feature will be important for strengthening Montenegro’s image as a quality tourist destination on a global level.

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Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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