Digital detox

Feel drawn to paint and sculpt at a local art school, or maybe you would enjoy mosaic making in Stari Bar, camping on Skadar Lake, or even salsa dancing on the beach? Then press the "log-off" button on your devices and come to Montenegro for digital detox. All this and much more awaits you!



Activities include:

  • Sculpture and painting
  • Yoga
  • Cuban dances
  • Camping
  • Harvesting fruit on plantations
  • Making mosaics
  • Hiking
Don’t miss it!

Charge your batteries!

Montenegro's natural scents are most aromatic in April and May, and you can best witness its intrinsic richness in September and October, when tourism slows down, but you can still enjoy open restaurants and hotels. If you still want to experience the winter paradise, go to a winter resort in January or February. 

Discover unique Montenegro

So small you could drive across it in an afternoon. Don’t just skim through it but try to truly absorb it’s essence.

Explore destination year-round

Although small country it is incredibly diverse. See how much it can offer you:

Travel responsibly

Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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