Getting hyped up for your best skiing season yet? Ski resorts in Montenegro are eager to welcome you. Discover modernly equipped ski centers providing adventures and adrenaline-filled escapades to skiers like you!



Largest ski resorts:

Kolašin 1600 

  • 12 km from the center of Kolašin
  • The six-seater K8 cable car leads to 8 tracks (2 blue, 4 red, and 2 black tracks), with a total length of 10.5 km.
  • Cable car exit point 2035 m.
  • Lane for beginners, children's ski lift, ski school, transfer services, parking (200 parking spots).

Tel:+382 (0)63 444 555
[email protected]

Kolašin 1450 

  • 9 km from the center of Kolasin.
  • 17 km of ski trails.

Tel:+382 (0)68 041 450
[email protected]

Trail length:

  • Ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450 - approx. 45 km (they were united by the construction of the K7 cable car).

Savin Kuk

  • 6 km from the center of Žabljak.
  • 2 two-seater lifts and 3 ski lifts (one equipped with spotlights for night skiing), as well as 1 kids’ ski lift.
  • 4.6 km of trails (the lower cable car "Savin Kuk I" leads to the peak at 1907 m, and the upper "Savin Kuk II" leads to 2213 m above sea level).
  • 3 arranged blue trails: Snowboard 650 m, Derneci 1100 m, and Panalj 900 m.
  • Red trail Korito - 1200 m, black trail Vuk's trail - 800 m, and baby trail -150 m.

Tel:+382 (0)52 363 036
[email protected]

Savin Kuk - 4.6 km

Bobotov Kuk 2523 m (Durmitor)
Crna Glava 2139 m (Bjelasica)

Smaller ski resorts

Ski center Vučje

  • 20 km from Nikšić in the direction of Žabljak.
  • Recreational trail 1200 m long, two small trails of 120 m, and a snowboard park with ski jumps.
  • The cable car has a capacity of 200 skiers per hour.

Tel:+382 (0)67 637 049
[email protected]

Ski resort Hajla 

  • 8 km from Rožaje.
  • Trail length 1019 m, baby lift, ski lift (anchor - 840 skiers per hour).
  • 150 m from the trail, there is a restaurant called "Košuta".
  • Parking capacity 200 places.

Tel:+382 (0) 68 668 655
[email protected]

Ski center Lokve

  • At 1350 to 1700 m above sea level, on the mountain Cmiljevica.
  • The two-seater cable car at the top continues with 2 ski lifts (capacity of 1,000 skiers per hour).
  • The starting point is from the plateau in front of the Lokve Hotel (1336 m above sea level) to the final station at 1560 m above sea level (capacity of 960 skiers per hour).
  • Ski lifts (Anchor and baby) start from 1,510 m and go up to 1,630 m above sea level (capacity 900 departures per hour).
  • The length of the trail is 5 km, and the height difference is 280 m.

Tel:+382 (0)67 832 217
[email protected]


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Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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