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Discover unique Montenegro

So small you could drive across it in an afternoon. Which gives you opportunity not just skim through it but to truly absorb the essence and authenticity.

Seaside Jewels of the Adriatic

Explore the area of ​​the Bay of Kotor and the Montenegrin coast with its enchanting beaches, mighty mountains, and ancient cities that bear the historical marks of Roman, Venetian and Byzantine conquerors!


Hidden gem Relaxation in the untouched nature of Montenegro

Your authentic experience will take you on a journey to wild beauty and striking landscapes throughout Montenegro.


Adventure Tara Canyon

Tara Canyon provides you with invigorating and close-up contact with nature. One of the most immersive ways to experience the canyon is to raft or kayak down the length of it. Prepare for a blast of adrenaline!


Hidden gem Meet the makers

Visit Montenegrin workshops to not only learn how traditional goods are made, but also get involved in the crafting process itself. The stories of Montenegrin craftsmen will captivate you.


A place to visit a year-round

Although small country it is incredibly diverse. See how much it can offer you

Meetings Special offers

Want us to give you some ideas for a dream vacation? See offers for lively activities in nature, as well as delectable food and cultural tours.


Adventure Cool & quirky events

Check out the event calendar and stay up to date with all events happening throughout Montenegro - from live music concerts to theaters and carnivals.


Winter Winter

Despite the fact that Montenegro is most often associated with summer vacations, you can enjoy a fantastic mix of winter adventures.


Spring Spring

Montenegro's natural beauty awaits you!


Summer Summer

Are you looking forward to a rush of adrenaline while on vacation? Montenegro is your top choice for the coast, and for good reason!


Autumn Autumn

The unique beauty of the incredible Balkan country is waiting for you to discover!