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The Capital Plaza Centar

Welcome to the new commercial, residential and social heart of Podgorica, a concentration of quality, exclusivity and style. Modern, attractively designed and unique, this multifunctional complex meets all the needs of professional and family life. It is the future of architecture, an autonomous universe, the most technically perfected building Montenegro has ever known. It is really the place in Podgorica where businesses, cultures and nations can connect, communicate and collaborate. This energy-efficient, ultra-modern building complex contains luxury apartments, little cafés, fine restaurants, exclusive boutiques, beauty salons, underground parking, state-of-the-art building management, safety and IT systems, as well as numerous other amenities. Office spaces of all shapes and sizes are located inside The Capital Plaza. Between them stands a Business Hotel with its own lounge bar, restaurant and spa/fitness centre. All these features combine to make The Capital Plaza a special and unique place, a hub of serious business and privileged lifestyle in Podgorica, in Montenegro, and in the Balkans.

Info about location

  • Region: Central Region
  • Place: Podgorica
  • Address: Šeika Zaida

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