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The experienced sushi master of the "promenade” restaurant cherishes the philosophy of dining which is in harmony with the rhythm, energy and the spirit of nature. Culinary magic of the refined flavour and aroma, and unusual plate arrangements are the trade marks of this food destination. 

If you haven’t already encountered this asian cuisine, known as the healthiest in the world, this is the place to enrich your experience in an authentic way. 

The restaurant has various meals on offering, based on meat and vegetables served with peculiar sauces and condiments typical for the cuisines of the far east.

You must see the restaurant’s surroundings: the hotel splendid conference & spa resort, where this first japanese restaurant in montenegro is located, has wonderful access to the sea and a unique view.
  • +382 (0)33 774 875

Info about location

  • Region: Coastal Region
  • Place: Budva
  • Address: Bečići

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