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Platije Canyon

There are some parts of the canyon whose rocks are sharpened like diamonds and are so polished that only lichens and mosses can live on them. The sun illuminates rocks of the canyon in so many ways that every time you pass it you can see different colours and shadows, immortalized in paintings of many painters - not only from Montenegro. Morača is one of the longest rivers in the central part of Montenegro. Its canyon and water are the habitat of many endemic species. Apart from brown trout, in Morača you can find indigenous marble trout, one of the largest salmonid species in Europe (Salmo marmoratus) but also endemic variety of toothtrout - trout with unusually large teeth (its name comes from Latin: Salmo dentex). In its lower course, the river is known for deep whirls, especially near the Vizier’s Bridge (Vezirov most) in Podgorica. Even though it runs through the capital of Montenegro it is still wild and untamed. On its way to Lake Skadar it collects numerous tributaries and brings water to the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Kolašin
  • Address: Kolasin

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