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Museum of Local History in Ulcinj

Through exhibits from the archaeological, ethnographic and artistic collection, in the Museum of Local History you can learn about life in Ulcinj from the 5th century BC to the Turkish period.

The Museum is located in a church from 1510, which had been transformed to a mosque by the Turks in1693. Within the archaeological collection, there is an exhibition of antique Greek and Roman ceramics, glass, coins as well as items which show the time of the sovereignty of the Montenegrin dynasties of Vojislavljević and Balšić. In the part of the exhibition that displays items from the ethnographic collection, there are traditional costumes, jewellery and local handicraft which show the variety of folclore creativity in this area.

Opening hours: From 1st June to 15th September 9-13h and 16-21h Admission: Adults 1 Euro, children 0,50 Euro

  • + 382 (0)69 946 346

Info about location

  • Region: Coastal Region
  • Place: Ulcinj
  • Address: Ulcinj

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