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Mountain Emperor - Komovi

There are coastal mountains which form a border between the coast and the midlands of Montenegro, like Orjen, Lovćen, Rumija... From the caldera of Podgorica towards the north, moutains and valleys with rivers are arranged like a staircase. In this mountainous region you will also find the "Mountain emperor", as they call the Komovi. This is actually one mountain with three dominant bare summits which were divided between the three tribes of Montenegro. From the highest point, Kučki Kom (2.487), one can see almost all of Montenegro. This mountain is a strong evidence of the forces of nature, mainly erosion, traces of which are most visible in the moraines, among the biggest in the Balkans.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Andrijevica
  • Address: Andrijevica

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