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Monastery Beška

The monastery was built in the island of Beska and it consists of two churches, the older one dedicated to St. George and the younger one dedicated to the Mother of God. There is no more precise data about the construction of the older church, but it is presumed that its patron was Djurdje II Stratimirovic-Balsic, and that it was founded in the late 16th century.

It is a larger single-nave building with a cupola, spacious priprat and large bell-tower. It is engraved above the door that Jelena Balsic built the smaller church dedicated to Mother of God, to house her mausoleum, in 1440. The church is small in size with single-nave base and a slightly folded arch, which are characteristics of the sanctuaries built in the time of Crnojevic family rule. Jelena Balsic’s tomb is also located in the church. Similar to Starcevo, the Beska Monastery played a significant role in the spiritual life of Zeta, as intensive copywriting activity was carried out in it.

Info about location

  • Region: Coastal Region
  • Place: Bar
  • Address: NP Skadarsko jezero

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