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Lake Skadar

Like all of Montenegro, Lake Skadar fascinates with the diversity it offers.

There is so much to see. The beauty of the large peaceful surface of the lake with its double fringe of cliffs and hills and their silhouettes, multiplied by the beauty of the islands, little bays and lively settlements... the abundance of plants and birds. The history of the lake itself is equally turbulent as the history around it. The river Drim is responsible for its present-day size. It used to be a larger pool in the Zeta-Skadar plain, the granary of the Nemanjićs, Crnojevićs and Balšićs. In 1858 there was such a fierce thunderstorm that the river Drim went mad: it rolled so much material from the Albanian mountains and piled it up at the estuary of the river Bojana, so that its course shifted.

Info about location

  • Region: Coastal Region
  • Place: Bar
  • Address: Bar

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