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Ski Center Kolašin 1600

Kolašin 1600 Ski Resort is 91 km away from the capital Podgorica, 12 km away from Kolašin town, and 2.4 km away from ski resort Kolašin 1450. It was named after elevation from which the six-seat cable car starts and where Troglava Restaurant is located. At 300 m from the restaurant, there is starting point of six-seat cable car manufactured by Doppelmayr and its highest point is at 2035 m. From that spot, visitors can choose two trails, Vranjak which is 1750 m long and categorized as a red trail, or Jaganičar which is 2800 m long and categorized as a blue trail. For the youngest visitors, there is ski lift for children.

Guests of Kolašin 1600 ski center have access to parking which has 200 parking spots.

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Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Kolašin
  • Address: Kolašin

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