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Gornja Lastva

Built of stone, hidden in the lush vegetation of Mediterranean herbs, it portrays a beautiful ambience, the ambience that managed to remain undisturbed for many years by modern construction. Also authenticity of the traditional method of construction has been preserved. There is also an olive mill (from the nineteenth century) in which nothing has changed until today and olives are still grinded as before. This mill is at the same time part of cultural heritage - it brings together many local people who enjoy the charms of production of olive oil accompanied with songs.

Gornja Lastva is 3 km far from the city center and represents a great wealth for the city of Tivat, since modern and rural tourism coexist in such a small distance.

Info about location

  • Region: Coastal Region
  • Place: Tivat
  • Address: Gornja Lastva

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