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Caves and grottos at Durmitor

A typical example is the cavern at Vjetrena brda – the deepest cavern in Montenegro and one of the deepest on the Balkans, it is 775 meters deep. It was discovered around twenty years ago. Beside this, the cavern in Malo Lomno is also famous and is mentioned in international speleological literature as one of the most demanding speleological objects. It has been researched to a depth of 560 meters.

Among speleologists, the cavern at Obručine (464) is very popular. With its several entrances, easily accessible, it represents a starting point of practice for enthusiasts of this kind of extreme sports.

The Ledena pećina ("Icy Grotto") at Durmitor is a fascinating nature phenomenon, located under the summit Obla Glava, at 2100 meters above sea level. It is easily accessed by a marked mountain path. Even in summer you can enjoy the "icy museum" of stalactites and stalagmites in its interior.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Žabljak
  • Address: Durmitor

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