UK's Harper's Bazaar puts Montenegro on its list of most attractive destinations to visit in 2021

The UK edition of the renowned Harper’s Bazaar magazine has ranked Montenegro among the top ten destinations to visit in 2021 once restrictions are lifted.

Ranked sixth among the most attractive destinations for post-pandemic travel, Montenegro was featured alongside other world-famous and exotic places such as the Maldives, Australia and Mexico.

The author of the article entitled ‘The ultimate post-pandemic wanderlust list: 10 beautiful destinations’ points out that this may not be the start to 2021 we hoped for, but we can patiently make plans and wait for the restrictions to be eased.

Harper’s Bazaar describes Montenegro as a luxury destination, but also as a country abundant in natural beauty and cultural heritage.

“Once the preserve of oligarchs and their imposing yachts, Montenegro – just down the coast from Split on the Adriatic Sea – offers a lot of glitz and glamour for the rest of us, too. A new One & Only will open there in the spring as the group’s first European property – and it won’t take you long to realise why they chose this setting. The Bay of Kotor should be on your list for its fjord-like beauty, dazzling blue waters and the imposing mountains that line its shores. The country has walled towns, cliff-edge monasteries, millennium-old churches and mediaeval villages to explore, along with grand palaces built in a style that references the Venetian neighbours across the water,” the article says.

Read the full article at:

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