Turkish National Geographic Traveler: Montenegro is enchanting

The summer edition of the Turkish travel magazine National Geographic Traveler features an article about Montenegro written by journalist Jo Fletcher-Cross.

As the article puts it, while still not exactly mainstream, Montenegro certainly knows how to attract attention.

In order to capture the beauty of Montenegro, Fletcher-Cross highlights long walks between the mountains and the pretty coastline, villages bearing historical marks of the Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as places with upmarket hotels and spectacular yachts. She recommends the exclusive Porto Montenegro marina, known as the new Monaco, and which – as the author notes –offers great services to its wealthy clientele with its boutiques, restaurants and bars.

“Montenegro is far more than just another Mediterranean hotspot. It’s a country that boasts remarkably beautiful beaches, breathtaking mountains, towns packed with historic sights and the welcoming Mediterranean climate. But aside from the vibrant towns, one should also go to enjoy the country’s natural pleasures: go on short boat excursions, buy homemade honey in local markets and marvel at Kotor’s collection of UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed churches and squares,” the article says.

On day 1, the author recommends visiting Budva and Sveti Stefan.

“Being the oldest city on the Montenegrin coast, Budva was shaped by Roman, Venetian and Byzantine cultures. The old town alleys are filled with stalls selling the catch of the day, while the sea view from the Citadela restaurant is a truly special experience. The islet of Sveti Stefan, located just a few miles from Budva, is a jumble of honey-coloured medieval stone villas connected to the mainland by a causeway,” Cross writes.

In Virpazar, there’s a weekly market every Friday, selling vegetables, wine, honey and other local produce. The best way to experience Lake Skadar is by taking a lake trip in wooden boats. Once out on the open water, it’s possible to spot over 281 bird species on this lake, which spreads aong the Montenegrin-Albanian border.

National Geographic Traveler is the world’s most widely read travel magazine that focuses on exotic destinations, experiences, cultures, authenticity, local lifestyles and photography. The magazine is published in fifteen languages in thirty countries and attracts 9.7 million readers with a circulation of 500,000.

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