Slovenian media: Montenegro – the wild beauty of the Mediterranean

The popular Slovenian website published an article about Montenegro entitled ‘The Bride of the Adriatic – the bay in which Montenegrin green boutique tourism is on the rise’

The website reporters, who visited Montenegro as part of a study tour organised by the National Tourism Organisation, did not hide the positive impressions they brought from our country, with the Bay of Kotor leaving a special impression on them.

“If you associate Montenegro with Sutomore’s crowded beaches or Budva’s bustling nightlife, the romantic Bay of Kotor with its mountainous hinterland can completely change the image of this country. ‘God made the world in six days, and on the seventh day, he took his time and created this fjord under Lovćen’ is a quote attributed by locals to writer William Boyd. Regardless of whether he really said it or not, it is certainly true that the Bay of Kotor is a magnificent 30-kilometre-long bay in the far north of Montenegro’s Adriatic coast,” the author notes.

The article further states that the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro seeks to attract tourists to visit lesser-known places, particularly rural households, while developing sustainability and green tourism.

They also highlighted some of Montenegro’s distinctive tourism products:

“Did you know that Europe’s largest vineyard is in Montenegro? Or that there is a rare example of a mosaic of the Greek god of sleep? And just how did King Nikola get the nickname “Europe’s father-in-law?” – the website asks its readers.

Referring to the Montenegrin culture, the author emphasises that the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje is home to as much as 70 percent of the country’s cultural heritage.

Three years ago, in accordance with the efforts for the sustainable development of tourism, Cetinje started offering a ride with an electric trackless train, which costs two or three euros, depending on whether you opt for a shorter or longer tour.

“During a half-hour ride, you will learn that between 1910 and 1914 Cetinje hosted as many as 13 embassies. Today, these buildings are mostly state-owned, housing the library, the Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Academy of Music, Gradska kafana, the Ethnographic Museum, etc. Cetinje was the first place in Montenegro to get a school, hospital, pharmacy and an institute for women’s education,” notes.

The popular news website Dnevnik, whose journalists were also on the same study tour throughout Montenegro, published an article about Montenegro as a destination full of interesting places and facts.

The article states that Montenegro is a popular tourism destination, pointing out that it’s beautiful through all the seasons.

“Montenegro still remains a popular tourist destination among Slovenes. Although the coast attracts most visitors in the summer months, the “wild beauty” is beautiful through all the seasons. In addition to historic towns, hospitality is something that Montenegrins swear by,” the article says.

The journalists found it particularly exciting to hear that Ana Roš, a world-famous chef and holder of two Michelin stars, was coming to Kotor to give a cooking workshop on 22-23 October.

The article notes that anyone visiting this town must get used to the company of cats.

“According to a local tour guide, cats became patrons of the town centuries ago, when it was ravaged by the plague. They were the ones who hunted mice and rats so as to prevent the spread of the disease. There are far fewer of them today. There’s a lady who feeds them, as well as a vet who takes care of their health,” Dnevnik concludes.

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