Plan now, go later: The Sun recommends Montenegro as Europe’s best scenery

As a result of promotional activities carried out by the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro in the UK market, another positive article was published in popular British media, recommending Montenegro as an ideal destination for post-pandemic travel.

The Sun magazine notes that the pandemic has put a pause on all holiday plans, but 2021 is looking good for travel to the black mountains and golden beaches of Montenegro.

As the article puts it, Europe’s southernmost fjord, the Bay of Kotor, offers beautiful and dramatic Adriatic scenery.

“In the few places where the mighty cliffs don’t plummet directly into the sea, well-preserved medieval towns squeeze between the steep hills and stunning waters. In the middle of the bay sits Our Lady of the Rocks, a 15th-century island church.”

The Sun particularly highlights Kotor, where Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles overlap.

“Wander its UNESCO cobbled streets or climb the 1,300 steps up to St John’s Hill fortress, which offers panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor,” the article says.

The newspaper further states that Montenegro boasts five fantastic national parks. It particularly recommends visiting Lovćen National Park and walking the 461 steps to the peak of Mount Lovćen.

It also recommends kayaking out on Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkan peninsula, describing it as a bird lover’s paradise.

The article also focuses attention to the beautiful scenery of the north of Montenegro and Durmitor National Park. It highlights the Black Lake, which dazzles with its deep-blue shade and the surrounding pine forests.

Readers are also recommended to try out rafting on the Tara River, as well as to visit Ostrog Monastery and many other landmarks, natural treasures and places for dining and entertainment.

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