Montenegro on the front page of renowned French magazine Voyager Ici & Ailleurs

Montenegro was featured on the front page of the summer issue of the renowned French magazine Voyager Ici & Ailleurs. In addition to the front page, Montenegro got extensive coverage across 28 pages of this specialised travel magazine, which will be in circulation until the end of September.

The author of the text, journalist Lucas Lahargoue, who visited Montenegro in May as part of a study tour organised by the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, said that the country had left a great impression on him, telling his readers that they will experience an exotic trip to the Mediterranean if they decide to visit Montenegro.

He starts his story from Podgorica, describing it as a fertile plain and a true miracle in this mountainous area, together with the Morača river, which gives it a special charm. He then goes on to introduce the Bay of Kotor, stating that it is fascinating and that it is one of the most beautiful bays in the world with its 87 km2.

He did not skip the national parks either, emphasising that over 1,300 plant species grow on Mount Lovćen, which is about an hour’s drive from the sea. Also, Lake Skadar with its meanders in area of Rijeka Crnojevića is compared to parts of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

His story continues with Budva and Bar, and ends with Ulcinj. Their old towns fascinated him equally with their medieval architecture, diverse beaches, but also with different cultures and stories about history. In conclusion of the article, he invites readers to visit Montenegro and points out that it is much more beautiful than they could imagine.

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