Germany’s National Geographic and Frau mit Herz and recommend Montenegro as a must-go destination

An article entitled “Destination Montenegro: tips for a long weekend”, which was published by the German edition of the National Geographic, recommends a long weekend in Montenegro. Among other things, it recommends visiting Budva and Sveti Stefan, Virpazar and Lake Skadar, as well as adventure activities such as rafting, hiking and skiing.

The author of the article describes Montenegro as a tiny country that has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea and hilltop villages, with the remains of Roman, Venetian and Byzantine conquerors.

“Between the mountains and the pretty coastline are walled towns and forts, along with upmarket hotels and docks for the many yachts. The high-quality port of Porto Montenegro in Tivat, for example, opened in 2016 and is considered the ‘new Monaco’. But Montenegro is far more than just another Mediterranean hotspot for the super-rich; its Adriatic beaches are remarkably beautiful, its mountains are the very definition of dramatic, while the Mediterranean climate is equally inviting and the cities are brimming with historical landmarks,” writes the National Geographic.

At the same time, the German popular Frau mit Herz magazine describes Montenegro as the Balkan beauty on the Adriatic coast in an article entitled: “Impressive Montenegro – Between graceful mountains and the blue Adriatic Sea, Croatia's inconspicuous neighbour lures with a fairytale world from the Middle Ages.”

“Small, but beautiful, that’s how Montenegro can be described in short. Although the country is hardly the size of Schleswig-Holstein, it harbours valuable natural treasures. Even its name, which comes from the Italian “the land of the black mountains”, suggests that there are dark and densely forested mountains out here. Five national parks with peaks that exceed 2000 metres, fast-flowing rivers, Europe’s deepest canyon and virgin forests where wolves and lynxes attract leisure adventurers. And the gigantic Lake Skadar is home to rare bird species such as the Dalmatian pelican,” the article says.

“You can experience the spectacular landscape by driving along the 60-kilometre panoramic road that leads from Ulcinj to Virpazar. Ulcinj, the country’s southernmost coastal town, captivates with its Ottoman flair and 13 kilometres of sandy beaches. A total of 117 coves and beaches are lined up along the turquoise Adriatic Sea – often protected by rocks and pine trees. The country’s biggest attraction is the romantic and breathtaking Bay of Kotor. The port city of Kotor with its enchanting old town invites you to take a stroll.”

The author concludes with the following words: “It’s no wonder that the inhabitants of this beautiful area are not only hospitable, but also self-confident, which is proved by the saying: ‘There are two types of people – those who live in Montenegro and those who want to go to Montenegro’.”


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