Forbes: Montenegro is perfect for off the beaten path travelers

One of the world’s most influential and prestigious magazines, Forbes, has published a list of ‘hidden’ European travel destinations that are perfect for those seeking a truly unique experience, with Montenegro featuring as one of the top five picks.

As Forbes notes, these five countries are rife with beautiful natural features and fascinating histories.

In the article entitled ‘Five European nations that are perfect for off the beaten path travelers’, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova, Latvia and Slovakia are highlighted as “underrated European countries” that are worth a visit once travel restrictions have been removed.

“A former republic within Yugoslavia, Montenegro severed its union with neighboring Serbia in 2006 to become its own independent nation. Though small in stature, the country’s gorgeous natural landscape makes it an ideal destination for travelers seeking out hidden gems within the Balkan region,” the article says.

According to Forbes, must-visit places in Montenegro include the Bay of Kotor, but also the north of the country, especially Durmitor National Park.

“The Bay of Kotor – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – rests on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, offering a spectacular array of historic structures framed by rugged peaks. After exploring Montenegro’s historic coastal region, be sure to head north to the pristine Durmitor National Park, where visitors can trek along the Dinaric Alps.”

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