DW report: The Tara canyon is unique like a fingerprint

A video report on rafting, zip line and the beauty of the Tara River canyon, produced by Germany’s international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) as part of the lifestyle and culture magazine Euromaxx, was published on their YouTube channel in early November and is already getting attention.

According to the National Parks of Montenegro, the video of the Tara canyon is part of the award-winning series “Europe to the Maxx”, which promotes extraordinary locations across Europe, which are either unique or hold some kind of record. Through its videos, DW Euromaxx provides interesting insights into European cultures and lifestyles.

Euromaxx reporter Hendrik Welling and his colleague explored the Tara canyon this summer, or as he puts it, “out on the water, climbing mountain peaks and hanging in the air on a zip line”.

“We had, I must say, a very interesting trip through the Tara canyon. Our guides, skipper Bojan Bajčeta and Durmitor National Park supervisor Mićan Kasalica, were absolutely wonderful and presented Montenegro in the best light. I liked all the activities you can do in this part of the Durmitor area, such as zip lines, rafting, hiking, etc. But what I liked best was the beauty of the unspoiled nature and the fact that it’s not crowded with tourists. And everyone who saw the video, including my colleagues and friends, went ‘wow’. They never imagined the Tara River could be so beautiful,” Welling said.

The video’s description reads: “Despite being known as Europe’s Grand Canyon, most people have not heard of the Tara River gorge yet. At 1,300 meters depth, it’s the deepest canyon in Europe, and in the same league as its more famous counterpart in the US. The Tara River gorge is a paradise for rafting fans and nature enthusiasts. Large parts of the canyon are part of Durmitor National Park in Montenegro, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

Coming down the Tara, skipper Bajčeta tells the reporter: “When you are on the river, you have to play by its rules. I feel free here. There are no rules except those of nature. No traffic, no crowds, no artificial sounds, just nature. This is where I found peace and what people call Lord – that’s how I feel.”

Although accustomed to the beauties of this protected area, Mićan Kasalica, who has workd as supervisor at Durmitor National Park for many years, took the Euromaxx team to enjoy the view from the Ćurevac lookout.

Gazing at the canyon of the river Tara yet again, he describes the canyon: “It’s unique, like a fingerprint. It’s just here and you can’t find it anywhere else. You have one point, in one place. And that’s it."

He also notes that if one finds the time to spend a few hours in nature and marvel at the spectacular landscape from the Ćurevac lookout, it can be beneficial for their physical and mental health. “As you look at the landscape, the landscape begins to look at you, at your soul. And you start learning a lot about yourself by staying in a place like this. By looking at nature, you begin to absorb it, and that’s the recipe for a healthy life. And it’s good for your mental and physical health. That is my little life philosophy,” says Kasalica.

Source: www.cdm.me

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