#RomansWine Danube

The #RomansWineDanube project aims to address challenges in the Danube region, such as demographic decline in rural areas, imbalanced socio-economic development, and social exclusion of vulnerable groups. The overarching goal is to tackle these common issues by applying innovative and inclusive destination management solutions.


Quick overview:

Brief Overview:

Project Name: #RomansWineDanube – Marketing Framework for Sustainable Cultural Tourism

Funded through the Interreg Danube Region Program 2021-2027

Project Value: €2,192,667.00, out of which €1,754,133.60 of Interreg funds (80%)

Implementation Period: January 2024 – June 2026


Lead Partner: Danube Competence Center - Serbia

  • Scientific Research Center Bistra Ptuj – Slovenia 
  • Technical University in Košice – Slovakia 
  • media k GmbH - Germany
  • Rousse Regional Museum of History – Bulgaria 
  • Alba Iulia Municipality – Romania 
  • Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd. – Hungary 
  • First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association – Hungary 
  • National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro - Montenegro
  • National Museum "Zaječar" – Serbia
  • Tourist Board of Osijek - Baranja County – Croatia
  • National Tourism Organisation of Ukraine – Ukraine
  • Office for European Integration of the Government of West Herzegovina Canton – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Associated partners from Montenegro are the Tourist Organisation of the Capital City Podgorica and Montenegro Adventures.

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