Current information on Corona virus (COVID-19) for tourists in Montenegro


In order to protect the health of citizens and tourists residing in Montenegro, the Government of Montenegro has adopted a series of temporary measures to prevent the risk of the possible spread of COVID 19. For the latest and detailed information on the measures and recommendations introduced, visit

List of countries from which arrival and stay in Montenegro is allowed:

(NOTE: Upon entry, the state of which the person is a resident is considered, not the state of which he is a national if it is not the same state. For example: A citizen of a country outside the list with a proper residence in the state on the list is treated as a citizen of the state on the list because he is a resident of the state on the list.)

Tourists currently residing in Montenegro can find information on all health-related issues on the website of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and via Call Center 1616 every day from 8am to 11pm.

  • What is required?

Mandatory wearing masks in public indoor and outdoor areas and compliance with measures of physical distance of at least two meters indoors and outdoors in all municipalities in Montenegro

  • What is forbidden?

Organizing private gatherings - wedding ceremonies and graduation and birthday celebrations, etc.

Prohibition to leave the residential building 22: 00-05: 00: Nikši?, Berane, Andrijevica.

Prohibition of home visits: Rožaje, Nikši?, Berane, Andrijevica.

  • What remains open?

Traffic with personal vehicles within Montenegro and internal public road and railway transport

All ports for cruisers and yachts

The internal maritime traffic is completely open

Public transport in municipalities without infection (Obligations: wearing protective masks, disinfection of hands on entering / exiting the vehicle, without the possibility of passengers standing in the vehicle)

Taxi transport (Obligations: passengers and driver wear protective masks; after the ride, disinfection of surfaces most often touched by passengers)

All national parks of Montenegro

Bathing areas and beaches (Obligations: distance between a set of beach equipment of at least two meters, in the part of the public beach where no beach furniture is installed, provide a physical distance of at least two meters, except for members of the joint family household; hygiene and disinfection of beach furniture and equipment; in showers , fountains and toilets on the beach / beach must install disinfectants, users of untidy baths are required to respect a distance of at least two meters, except for members of the joint family household)

Shopping centers (Obligations: distance of at least 2m between consumers / visitors in front of the shopping center; within the shopping center on 10m2 meters there can be one consumer / visitor; means for disinfection of hands of consumers / visitors at the entrance / exit to the shopping center center and in each individual facility in the mall)

Cafes, restaurants, bars until 01:00 h in all municipalities (Obligations: employees wear masks; max 4 people at the table in the garden / terrace, max 2 people at the table in the restaurant, except in the municipalities on the coast ; between tables min 2m or barrier; hand disinfection at the entrance / exit; no self-service; no standing and staying at the bar)

Exceptions: 1. Cafes, restaurants, bars are open until 10 pm; maximum two people at tables, min 1m distance between chairs                                facing each other: Pljevlja, Podgorica, Kotor and Budva   

                   2. Prohibition of catering facilities: Rožaje, Nikši?, Berane, Andrijevica.



Children's playrooms

Grocery and liquor stores, hygiene disinfecting product, baby accessories

Gas stations



Banks and post offices

Food delivery

Hair and beauty saloons

Casinos and bookmakers

Gym and Fitness center

Indoor and outdoor activities are provided, which can be performed in groups

  • What is closed?

Nightclubs and disco clubs


  • Where are the quarantines located?

Danilovgrad: "Policijska akademija", RESPA

Ulcinj: Bivsa kasarna "Zoganj"

Herceg Novi: Institut "Simo Milosevic" i soliter "Simo Milosevic"

Niksic: Hotel "Vucje"

  • Who should be quarantined?

Anyone who has been or is suspected of being exposed to the corona virus

Anyone who enters Montenegro from countries with high levels of local transmission of the virus.

  • Who is required to self-isolate, that is, stay inside house quarantine?

Institutional isolation is mandatory for persons who have been in quarantine or self-isolation and whose test results for the new coronavirus are positive, and must be isolated from healthy people, and cannot be provided with self-isolation in family accommodation; persons who have been hospitalized have recovered and have no symptoms of the disease, but do not yet have two consecutive negative results from samples taken 24 hours apart

  • General advice on how to protect yourself and others

Keep a 2-meter distance between people

Wash hands regularly

Wear a mask


Download a brochure of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro “How to protect yourself?”

Video of the World Health Organization i

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