Why Montenegro?

Are you choosing Montenegro because of its breathtaking nature, historic towns or traditional hospitality? It seems harder to find a reason why it shouldn’t be your choice.

What makes Montenegro special
Don’t miss it!

Some of the rural activities in eco-katuns on Mount Durmitor:

June: seed sowing
July: mowing, baling, helping with livestock (milking, cattle handling, cheesemaking, skorup production)
September: harvesting vegetables
October: preparing firewood and winter pickles

Adventure setting in the mountains

Did you hear the joke about Montenegrins being lazy? In fact, the village of Brezna holds a traditional lying down contest, with participants lying on a mattress for hours or even days. Yet, don’t be fooled by this, as our mountains offer you an ideal environment for an active vacation. 

You will find breathtaking mountains in almost every part of Montenegro. That’s why a hike in the mountains of Prokletije, Orijen, Lovćen or Rumija would be a perfect team building activity. Exploring Mount Durmitor, including walks by lush forests and crystal-clear lakes, horseback riding through katuns, cycling and kayaking are just a tiny part of what you can expect.

Quick tip


According to the PRO SKY annual report, Montenegro was featured among the top 8 MICE destinations for 2019.

Montenegro among top MICE destinations

Montenegro is a fast-growing destination for business tourism, especially for corporate and incentive travel.

Demand is growing year by year thanks to numerous advantages, including new 4 and 5 star hotels with all the necessary amenities, Mediterranean climate, spectacular nature, opportunities for unforgettable excursions, delicious food, as well as the fact that Montenegro is only two hours away from most European capitals.

Porto novi - Montenegro

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