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The "Stairway" is located in Vučje, about 20 kilometers from Nikšić in the direction of Žabljak, at an altitude of about 1340m. This area belongs to the slopes of the Krnovo plateau and with its continental climate and beech forests is a real air spa. It is located approx. 400 m from the tourist and recreational complex and "Vučje Motel", which is also a ski center hosted by friends of our facility. Here, if desired, our guests can have breakfast at a price of €3.50, and the kitchen of this Motel is known for its top specialties of local cuisine. The facility itself provides a pleasant atmosphere with all the auxiliary content necessary for a completely independent organization. Private parking, Wi-Fi, cable television, central heating, electric grill, outdoor grill, kettle, refrigerator, guitar, tambourine, and training shaft, are just some of the options you can use during your stay with us. We are especially proud of the cabin (savardak) and the area around it, where you can light a fire in the hearth and stay all year round. The concept of this space is such that in the light of the flame and the ancient form of the threshing floor, our guests interact with each other in an authentic way by invoking a primordial feel. The facility itself is suitable for families as well as groups, who can find their own oasis of peace in a pleasant environment as well as a starting point for numerous walking and hiking tours. About 1 km away is the Dažnik peak (1625m above sea level), which is considered the focal point of Montenegro and from which you can enjoy a fantastic view all the way to the slopes of Lovcen and Pustog Lisac on the one hand, that is, Vojnik, Durmitor, and Sinjajevina on the other. The peaks of Mali Žurim (1960 masl) and Veliki Žurim (2035 masl) as well as Kapetanovo lake are located on a 2-3 hour hike, and Vojnik is not too far away as well as numerous peaks on the Morački mountains. About 15 kilometers from us is the Nevidio canyon, which has a special place on the tourist map of Montenegro. If you are not a fan of long hikes, there is a lookout point above the building itself, a 2-3 minute climb away, which offers a great view of unforgettable sunsets (in the pictures) where you can experience complete immersion in nature in a zen atmosphere. The surroundings are also suitable for cycling and skiing, and the nearest airport is Podgorica Airport, which is 81 km from "Stairway".

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Did you know? In 1991, the Montenegrin authorities adopted a declaration by which the country became the first ecological state in the world.

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