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Rafting Montenegro

Our Skippers (persons who run the rafts) for last 12 years successfully and safely raft on this wild beauty, which have made the deepest canyon on the Old Continent by centuries of flowing. All our skippers are specially trained and have licenses for rafting on Tara. All of them grew up near Tara River, and they can entertain you by telling you the legends about the canyon which are passed from one generation to another.

We are equipped with rubber made boats of the last generation (RAFT), capacity of 10 persons, specially designed clothes and shoes for protection from the cold (temperature of the water is 14ºC), helmets and vests.

Challenge which you should not miss!
Enrich your life experience!

  • +382 (0)69 524 757
  • +382 (0)68 524 757

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Plužine
  • Address: Plužine bb

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