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Pošćensko Lake

Many visitors, travel writers and scientists were amazed with the beauty of this lake and picturesque scenery around it. Deep Pošćensko Lake is one of the 18 mountain lakes belonging to the National Park Durmitor. Those 18 glacial lakes lie at an altitude of over 1,500 meters and significantly contribute to the beauty of the impressive mount Durmitor. All these lakes are specific and different by their origin, size and amount of water, by their shape and beauty of the landscapes surrounding them. 

These Durmitor lakes, including Pošćensko, were born after the glaciations in the last Ice Age, during the time of ice melting. Local people as well as many visitors call them “mountain eyes”. Such a large number of beautiful lakes on a relatively small space among others impressed Jovan Cvijić (a famous Serbian scientist, Honorary Doctor of the Sorbonne University and Charles University in Prague who was into physical and social geography, geomorphology, ethnography, geology, anthropology, and history) who visited almost all of them during his stay in Durmitor in 1899. 

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Žabljak
  • Address: NP Durmitor

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