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Nature Park Piva

"Nature Park Piva" is located in the far northwest of Montenegro (between the state border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the boundaries of the National Park "Durmitor"), occupying a significant part of the municipality Plužine.

Regional park "Piva" is a natural link between the National Parks "Durmitor" and "Sutjeska" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the establishment of a set of recognized national and international documents and initiatives. Regional Park has exceptional natural features. Very varied relief whose most important characteristics of the mountain surface with rich pastures and forests, deep canyons cut into the giant Tara, Piva and Sušica and mountain lakes (i Stabanjska Trnovačko) already attracts many nature lovers and adventurers from the region and beyond.

Area regional park has a very diverse types of ecosystems and habitats. On the high mountain tops and surfaces are elements of alpine flora and fauna while along the canyon and river valleys (especially the rivers Piva and Tara) warm air to the elements of the Mediterranean flora and fauna. In regional park already has over 1,500 species of plants many of which (over 80 registered so far) rare and endangered species; present and about 2,000 fungi species in this area; well-preserved forests of white and black pine, beech and fir, maple, spruce and ash and dr.s complement the wealth of flora in the park. In these forests Regional Park have found their place and bears, wild boars, and the deciduous forests and deer.

River in a regional park, especially Tara and Piva, are rich in trout, grayling and sprout. In the natural regional park lakes we can find the most typical representatives of animals Montenegrin high mountain lakes - tritone or newt.This picture is rounded and approximately 20 smaller villages, harmonic taste embedded in the landscape with characteristic original architecture and numerous traditional livestock pastures, as well as elements of cultural landscapes that testify to the history, culture and heritage Piva. Here are created the special living conditions that preserve some of the last representatives of rare and protected species.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Plužine
  • Address: Baja Pivljanina b

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