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Monastery Šudikova

It was known as an important spiritual and cultural center with its prominent schools: scribing, literary, fresco-art and paining school. This school produced a famous painter Strahinja Budimljanin who decorated with his frescoes of a large number of churches and monasteries during his fertile artistic life. One of the oldest written documents - “The Books of the Holy Fathers,” which is now kept at the monastery of the Holy Trinity in Pljevlja, was produced in Šudikova. Bishop of Budimska Eparchy - Gerasim in 1573 wrote the famous “Minej”, which is now kept by the National Library in Belgrade. Hieromonk Danilo twenty years later wrote the “Book of Psalms”, which is now kept in Vienna, and in 1602 Deacon Mihailo wrote the “Prayer Book” which is now kept in the Count Uvarov’s library in Moscow.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Berane
  • Address: Berane

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