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Kolibe Bogetići

Restaurant "Koliba" (Cabin) is situated on the famous road of the pilgrims leading from Bogetić to the renowned Montenegrin holy monastery of Ostrog. It was builtin a distinctive style, with characteristics of the country’s traditional architecture. The aim of this national restaurant is to affirm and promote healthy eating by bringing back on the menu the stuff our ancestors used to eat.

This four-star restaurant offers avariety of Montenegrin specialties prepared in thetraditional way. You can order at any time: gruel, polenta, dried meat of sheep, prosciutto with melon, beef and lamb, domestic cheese and kaymak, or you can opt for a specialty dubbed "cabin". The restaurant also has a large selection of beverages, including local wines and beers of high quality. "Cabin" also carries the prestigious mark CD ranking it among the few privileged restaurantsfor diplomats across the world.

  • +382 (0)67 888 189
  • +382 (0)69 603 986
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Info about location

  • Region: Central Region
  • Place: Nikšić
  • Address: Bogetići bb

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