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Jelovica is a place on slopes of Bjelasica mountain, only 20 minutes drive on asphalted road from Berane. Though it is so close to the town, Jelovica is a real mountain place, with beautiful nature, a represents an oases for people who need relaxation or rest from everyday life in the town. Due to that, Jelovica today has a whole new settlement of summerhouses, so in summer moths it is a lively village, while it gets deserted with first snow.

There are couple of hotels in Jelovica, the famous glacier lakes are very near, as well as all mountain trails, and from here you can hike towards Bjelasica or Komovi, everything is relatively near.

The nature here is welcoming, everywhere around there are green pastures and forests, you can enjoy in aromatic herbs, collect mushrooms or berries, or simply enjoy in clean, mountain air.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Berane
  • Address: Bjelasica

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