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Cave Osoja

This passage is followed by a hall called Sniježni čovjek (Snowman) which is 55 meter long, 5 to 10 meters wide and its height is 9 to 13 meters. In the center of the hall there is a huge 6-meter tall statue of a snowman after which the cave was named. The hall is about 44 meters deep and from there it can be descended by a 13 meters long vertical to the corridor of spirits. From this point the cave branches into two parts. One branch leads through Koralni prolaz (Coral Corridor) to a nice hall called “Med i mlijeko” (“Honey and Milk”) which is abundant with cave ornaments and helictites specific for growing in all directions. Apart from that there are layers of the so-called cave milk after which this hall was named. Another branch leads to Pakleni kanal (Hell Channel) which is characteristic for a lot of mud and difficult passages. That channel ends at the depth of 83 meters with one periodical syon. One channel in the Snowman hall is still unexplored. A legend says that it goes under the river Lim and that it is connected with monastery Kumanica which is placed on the other side and that the passage was allegedly used to hide treasure from the monastery but research have not confirmed this theory.  


Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Bijelo Polje
  • Address: pecina Osoja

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