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Bratimin vir

Bratimin vir is a fantastic spot for hiking, free climbing, canyoning, but also for biking, and with a little bit of effort a great circular trail could be made for MTB, leading through the forest, on the right bank of Popca, back to Petnjica.

The trail leading to the waterfall and the gordge is nicely marked and the area is properly arranged. As this trail is quite steep at the end, there is a wooden fence to provide safety, and within the gordge there are improvised bridges that will help you cross over Popca, but you need to be very cautious. When you do that, you will reach the hidden and most attractive corner in this place, beautiful oval shaped little lake surrounded by steep and high cliffs, and through the opening on one of the cliffs you will see a waterfall, which is actually a river coming out.

In spring and autumn water level can be very high, while in summer not so much, and you can cross it on foot, instead of climbing on dangerous cliffs and wooden bridges. In any case, the whole place is full of fallen leaves, so you need to be very careful not to slip and fall, since falling here could be extremely dangerous.

But, before you reach the path leading to the waterfall, you have to cross Popca river. And there is no bridge! In summer, in August when water level is low, you could jump from stone to stone to reach the other side, but in any case be ready to take your shoes off and barefoot cross through the river.

Many legends are told about Bratimin vir. They say that long ago here there was a cave with hidden treasure. The treasure was cursed, so whoever tried to reach this cave would be lost forever. There is also a story about two local families who were fighting each other, and each time they would meet there would be wounds as consequence of the meeting, and sometimes they would even kill each other. No one could help them reach peace, until one day two brothers saved a young man from the other family while he was drowning in foaming waterfall. When this young man explained to his family what happened and who saved him. his grandfather and his father sent mediators to the other family asking for peace.

Info about location

  • Region: Northern Region
  • Place: Petnjica
  • Address: Bratimin vir

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