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Barska plovidba AD

BARSKA PLOVIDBA AD is a joint stock company with the head office in Bar. The Company is established with the objective of performing the maritime traffic, the marina activities, international freight forwarding, maritime agency, and catering businesses, etc.

The Company realizes its basic activity (maritime traffic) through the transportation of passengers and cargo on lines between Montenegro and Italy (Bar-Bari-Bar). Barska plovidba AD’s head office in the passenger terminal building, located in the Port of Bar which is on the corridor way of the powerful passenger and merchandise flows (Budapest-Belgrade-Bar-Bari).

This modern facility offers numerous services: travel agency, restaurant, yachting club, Post Office, currency exchange office, forwarding agencies etc., which offer passengers a complete service on their way to mentioned destinations.

Info about location

  • Region: Primorski region"
  • Place: Bar
  • Address: Obala 13. jula bb

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