Montenegro - Safe Travels


Dear tourists,

Thank you for choosing Montenegro as your tourist destination!

In order to make your stay in our country as pleasant as possible and protect your health, we as a tourist destination have chosen to be part of the international initiative “Safe Travels”.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which represents a global private sector of travel and tourism, awarded Montenegro the international “Safe Travels” stamp. It is about a specifically designed stamp due to the COVID-19 crisis which enables travelers to identify destinations and companies worldwide which have adopted the global standards of health and hygiene protection, as an important prerequisite for safe travels.

The National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, as the bearer of this initiative in Montenegro, attaches great importance to the health safety of tourists and in accordance with it, the users of the “Safe Travels” stamp pay special attention to every detail in order to provide the best possible service. Bear in mind that because of your importance to us a Committee for awarding the “Safe Travels” stamp was formed, which carefully assesses, and then controls the implementation of health and safety protocols. For your safety, the users of the “Safe Travels” stamp strictly take care of the health of tourists through: care of the health of their employees, providing disinfectants at frequent locations, securing distance, taking care that everybody wears masks, and securing frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, but also implementing a set of other measures and recommendations.

Whether you are coming to Montenegro individually or via tour-operators, who take care of your safety by following health and hygiene recommendations, you can feel safe during your stay at Montenegrin hotels and private accommodations, during your visit of museums, restaurants and enjoying the traditional food and Montenegrin hospitality, relaxing at a spa, as well as during field trips with transport agents who follow safety standards whether it is about a road trip or trip by small local sailboats.

We want you to know that your health safety and trust is our priority!

Make sure to check out a list of the users of the international “Safe Travels” stamp 

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