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Cafe, gallery, and souvenir shop KALDRMA is located in the center of Podgorica, more precisely in Stara varoš, just a few steps from the Clock Tower.

In an old stone house, in the idyllic quiet atmosphere of Stara Varos, the idea of ​​opening a cafe, gallery and souvenir shop was born, for which the space was remodelled and adapted. The ambience is very pleasant, the light and sound effects are comfortable, and the visual aesthetic experience is very expressive.

First of all, you can always stop by for coffee, tea, drinks, homemade juice, brandy, saltine and a sweet snack.

Here you can buy an art painting from our Montenegrin painters or handmade wooden souvenirs, magnets and stone paintings with recognizable Podgorica motives.

We have hand-made gold embroidery from national costumes from our regions (Montenegro, Muslim, Boke), as separate parts of costumes.

With us, you can rent space for closed celebrations, such as birthdays and similar occasions or organize evenings with special content and invite certain guests as lecturers.

We will organize speed dating - meetings to get to know each other.

This is only part of the content that we provide, and during the meeting, we will be happy to accept good, new proposals from your side.

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