Local Tourism Organisation of Ulcinj


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Quick overview

The Tourist Organisation of Ulcinj was founded in 2007 and its purpose is to complete activities of public interest in the area of tourism.

Activities of the Tourist Organisation Ulcinj are:

  • Improvement and promotion of original values in the municipality Ulcinj, which could function towards the development of tourism;
  • Providing conditions for the activation of tourist resources in the area of the municipality;
  • Co-operation with companies and individuals whose working realm would be tourism – catering or similar complementary activities, aiming to settle, arrange and implement the policy of tourist development in the area of the municipality;
  • Inciting, coordinating and organizing of cultural manifestations as well as, art, fun, economical, sport and other events, which would contribute to the enrichment of the tourist offer;
  • Inciting and organizing of activities aiming to protect and preserve the tourist area, our environment and heritage;
  • Realizing of action programs such as accommodating study groups and journalists in the area of the municipality whose purpose is to develop tourism and tourist advertising;
  • Providing services and information for the guests:
  • Organizing tourist – informative agencies in tourist resorts;
  • Registration and survey of the tourist flow in the area of the municipality
  • Doing other activities aiming to promote the tourist product in the area of the municipality.

Our mission is to promote the tourist offer and to establish an image of Ulcinj as an attractive tourist destination.

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