Secrets of the North-East


The tallest railbridge in Europe (over Mala Rijeka)

The Komovi

Bare, gleaming hilltops and slopes covered with thick forest and lush meadows.

The Prokletije – a compressed Alps. A circle of wonders in Plav and Gusinje

Beauty expressed in a thousand different ways. A peaceful section of the road along the shore of Lake Plav, the bewitching Grbaje Valley, Ali-Pasha’s Springs, the Grlja Falls, the charming Ropojane Valley... And then gently down the valley of the River Lim.

The Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe

On this road, you will cover half of the 80-km-long canyon, going up the River Tara, which is part of Durmitor National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). You will start the descent into the deepest canyon in Europe (900-1,300 m) from Pljevlja and straight to the amazing bridge in Đurđevića Tara.

Detour: Lake Biograd

A mountain lake of glacial origin, veiled in the romance of Mt. Bjelasica, beautiful at any time of day and all year round.

The Morača Canyon

The Morača Canyon, a rocky and green story with an ending which is both cruel and attractive – Platije. Drive with caution!

Religious buildings

  • Monastery Đurđevi Stupovi (The Pillars of St. George), at the entrance to Berane
  • Husein Pasha’s Mosque, in Pljevlja, 16th century
  • Dobrilovina Monastery, in the Tara Canyon, 16th century
  • Morača Monastery (built in 1252) 

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