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“Sputnik” Travel Agency welcomes you and invites you to experience an unforgettable trip to sunnyArmenia, one of the most ancient countries in the world. Armenia is a country, which is famous for its fanciful mountainous ranges, called in the folk as “Armenian ring” rising high with peaks, for its bottomless precipices, picturesque gorges as well as alpine meadows and furious rivers and springs.

The Armenian plateau, located on the boundary of Southern Caucasus andAsiais one of the cradles of the human civilization. The Armenian nation, living in this plateau from ancient times, named it and the centuries have been creating here the whole national culture, which contributed unique masterpieces in the architecture, science, literature and art to the world. The history ofArmeniais a treasure of material and spiritual culture of Armenian folk, where everyone can discover something special and impressive.

We invite anybody who wants to enjoy breathtaking   mountainous landscapes and peculiar architecture, eastern hospitality and Armenian national cuisine, accompanied with folk music and dance to travel with us to this wonderful and astonishing country.

“Sputnik” Travel Agency, which celebrated its 50 years anniversary in 2008, is one of the oldest and experienced tour operators inArmenia. During this period more than one million foreign guests visited our country thanks to “Sputnik”. The main activities of the tour agency are the air ticket sale, incoming and outgoing tourism, booking of hotels inArmeniaas well as around the world.

“Sputnik” is constantly taking part in the international tourism exhibitions. More than 20 employees of the company are qualified and highly skilled specialists, having a long-term experience in the corresponding sphere of the tourism business. Making your stay inArmenia  interesting and unforgettable is our task, which  we have been successfully fulfilling for half a century.