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We are taking you to the magical world of nature.. Placed in the continental part of the Montenegro, with splendid climate conditions, lake Krupac will dazzle you with beautiness , offering you whole day entertainment on the land and the water, day and night, for all.

„Happiness is in the spear time” Aristotel said long time ago. Is the wise man wright? Because, realy, there is no hapiness and joy in the every day activities, surrounded by bussines plans, celullar phone, meetings and telling : „ Just to finish this”… or... „Just to sign this paper...“ eaven those that enjoy in dinamic life, realize that it is time to take a break. That the time is a spare time. For the moment of spear time in wich our body and soul wil find peace and joy.

Strength for new bussines and lives achievement,  this time we found in the base of " Zle gore", forbiden hunting ground of the king Nikola, on lake Krupac. The moment we step  on the continetal part of the Montenegro, our lungs experienced the pleasent surprise : fresh and intoxicating air! Climate of this part of the Montenegro is conditioned by position against the Adriatic sea, continental back and nearest mountains.

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