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They add to a small state a lot of space, height and width, depth and shape.

Each mountain is a story for itself. Bjelasica is tame, Durmitor is unpredictable, Prokletije is the most beautiful mosaic, Sinjajevina is mystical, Orjen is porous, Komovi is proud, Moračke planine are demanding ... There are springs, streams, rivers, glacier lakes, cliffs and peaks to which clouds are rushing, caves, vast forests, pastures, villages and high mountain summer cottages, herds that graze freely, areas that no one has ever passed through ... And all this in four variants, because seasons on the mountain are clearly distinguished. It is also true that snow remains on some mountains in the warmest days of August and then at about 2000 meters above sea level you can swim in the lake – and throw snowballs.