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Next great adventure (#gopicme photo contest)

This hidden gem in South Europe could be your next great adventure! We think you should try to make it a reality now. So, we are calling the adventure tourism mavens, the outdoor-loving happy-go-lucky types, or anyone who falls somewhere in-between these two groups to put a little effort toward winning a (mostly) free trip for two to Montenegro this May. If that's of interest to you, then pay close attention. If it's not your thing, your friends will love you for sharing this with them.

This is the #gopicme photo contest. What is that you ask?

  • #GOpicme - this is a verb-oriented, action-filled adventure. You could be hiking, mountain biking, SUP-ing (stand-up paddle-boarding), down-river SUP-ing, kayaking, canyoning, spelunking, and/or alpine climbing. Which activities and to what level of intensity will be based on a pre-trip consultation with the contest winner.
  • #goPICme - though your goal is the prize, the way to get there is through good pics. We want pictures that deal with the GO or ME parts of the theme. It could be selfies that show you and your planned travel partner doing some outdoor adventure. There is space for ready-to-travel pics. Anything having to do with ME (see next point), places similar to or different from are appropriate. Feel free to go for funny, cute, how-in-the-world, or whatever else that you feel inspires. Be creative! Graphic artists, graffiti artists, baristas, scrap-bookers have fun with this too. Make your submission(s) catch our attention and others on the social media apps so they will vote for your pic.
  • #gopicME - our primary goal for this contest is to promote this amazing little country called Montenegro–at least that's the name in English. One of the trending URL suffixes, ".me", is from Montenegro. So, ultimately, this is about you on adventure here in Montenegro experiencing what they call Wild Beauty. We think that's pretty accurate. And, by the way, you will spend 3 nights in the Durmitor mountain area and 2 nights in Kotor on the coast. Both of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Did we mention that it is beautiful here?

the grand (and only) prize is to travel montenegro

HUGE THANKS to our project partners for catching the vision and helping us make this a reality. The winner of the #gopicme photo contest will win a trip for two  to travel Montenegro with the following:

  1. A flight cost reimbursement up to 100 euros for each traveler. That is unless @ryanair or some other airline comes through for us and provides round trip tix for two. Ryan Air, do us and yourselves a solid. Contact us on this!
  2. An assortment of Epic Adventure Sports from our partner Montenegro+. Choices include all of the above including mountain biking, SUP, spelunking, canyoning, kayaking, alpine climbing, etc. These guys will be your gear and guide resource. They will raise the adventure experience to your level.
  3. Lodging for 3 nights at the Sljeme ecovillage in Žabljak in the beautiful Durmitor National Park. If, like us, you value their sustainable approach, be sure to like their FB page.
  4. Lodging for 2 nights in a private room at the Old Town Hostel in historic Kotor.
  5. In-country transportation will be provided by PG Taxi.  Also you'll have access to top-shelf mountain bikes thanks again to Montenegro+.
  6. A national cuisine meal upon arrival in the capital city at Kužina.
  7. A second national cuisine meal in historic Cetinje at Konak.
  8. A local-fare seafood meal right on the coast in Budva at Porto Restoran.

For details on how to win and the rules, go to www.meanderbug.com. Start submitting your creative pictures today. The earlier you start, the better your chances are to have an entry in the semi-final voting.

We hope to meet you here soon!